Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had a fun day today in Charleston!  There is so much to do in this city.  Even though I have not been here for quite a long time, I still love Charleston's charm.
There are many excellent restaurants here to choose from.  So we decided to try the which was excellent. Where else could you order mashed sweet potatoes, okra/tomatoes over jasmine rice, Crowder peas, squash casserole, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and deep fried cheese grits?  I ordered Fried Chicken with ham gravy, red rice and cornbread.  It was the best fried chicken I have ever tasted......Of course dessert was also ordered which included buttermilk pie, one of my favorites!

Some real southern comfort food

I love their logo...grits are good for you!!!

Our day also included some brief shopping which included some boutiques and  This is such a cool store which carries a variety of honey, soaps, creams, and miscellaneous items.  My purchases included a tee shirt along with some Tupelo Honey.

This would be great on biscuits or drizzled over your favorite yogurt.....This is a raw honey which never crystallizes and has a buttery taste to the tongue!

If you are ever visiting Charleston, make sure you visit these places!  I promise you they are worthwhile.


  1. Hi Kelly! (I'm assuming your name is Kelly and I had to search through the comments to find your name LOL)

    Wow you're so close to me I could reach out and touch you LOL LOL!

    I too, am a Northern transplant, well actually a Midwestern transplant. I have been in this area 8 and a half years and I just love it. I used to get so homesick I would fly back home every two months (but that was when AirTran was here and the flights were cheap!) Now I don't want to go back there for nothing. So strange how we change. (or how I changed, I guess)
    If you are looking for fall weather, wait until tomorrow night! We are in for some shocking lows! 45 it's supposed to be here. And here I am now in shorts and flip-flops with the AC on as it's almost 90. Strange weather indeed. Anyway I could go on and on but I won't hog up your comment board!
    We should meet somewhere sometime for dinner and a glass of wine! (i'm a young gal in my young 50's) Isn't 50 the new 20? haha We travel around the Low Country all the time.
    {huggs} and welcome here !! You will LOVE it! Give it some time.

    p.s. if you ever need any help with your blog, I might be able to help ♥

  2. oh, and have to say we have been to Beaufort before and it is just gorgeous! We saw the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my life there. It was right after we crossed that bridge from the South and we were heading North back to Charleston and we pulled off to that Waterfront Park and it was so pretty it was surreal! We got out and walked around the downtown area and just loved it. You picked a great spot to live!!

  3. oh gosh, me again LOL

    I have to say I took some pictures of that same girl "Grit's are good for you" and I am going to post them on my blog some day, when I remember HA

  4. Love Charleston!!! I'll have to check this restaurant out the next time I visit! Hyman's Seafood is our favorite! :)

  5. You have moved to a beautiful area! And I love buttermilk pie. There is a little country restaurant here that makes the BEST!

  6. ohhhh, I so miss Southern food;) Nothing in the world compares to Southern cuisine!!


  7. oooh, these pics make me wanna move down south; I haven't been to Charleston yet but I hear it's amazing.
    Have a beautiful week.

  8. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment.

    I too was just in Charleston and loved every bit, especially the food!

    I'll be recapping my trip this week on the blog so I hope you come back to see my favorite spots.

    Have a fantastic day!

  9. Charleston is one of my favorite places. My husband and I were married there a few years ago. It's a very special place. We visit as often as possible.




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