Monday, October 3, 2011

Just A Little More Fall Decorating

I found this table at a local vintage shop in PA.  The artwork is from Nancy Thomas.  I found her art in Williamsburg, VA and have loved it ever since.  In fact, I have a monthly subscription for her artwork.  Just love it!
I just could help myself for going thru  more of my boxes in storage and pulling out more decorations!  It makes me think of fall back home in Pennsylvania. Can't wait until I get my new home and be able to decorate it the way I like it!  I know, I know I have to be patient!!!

Here is one more shot of a bench with some of my decorations ----

My favorite pillow for Halloween

I just love this mason jar filled with small pumpkins.....

Have a wonderful day!  What is your favorite decoration for Halloween?


  1. What a cute vignette. I am so happy to be into fall and through with our warm weather here on the west coast!

  2. I love your Halloween pillow and the small spider needle point picture...that is so cute! Where did you find the tiny pumpkins? They are adorable!

    Have a great week!

  3. Love your Fall decor! I need to get going on mine! :)




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