Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookie Time

Hi Friends:

Just a small post on some cookies that I have made during the holiday season....I only made about four different kinds this year...Usually I make at least eight to ten different kinds.  Oh well, next year, once I am settled in my home, I will start a new tradition and host a cookie swap in my neighborhood.  Sounds good to me!  Do you ever attend cookie swaps with friends and/or neighbors?  My sister has had several in the past and they were always a lot of fun!

Nothing is better than having homemade cookies from the oven with a glass of milk.............

I just had to buy these napkins, aren't they adorable?

My favorite cookie tins that I have had for several years!

Happy Holidays to you and Your Family!


  1. These look yummy. I used to make these when the kids were young and at home. I don't need them here now or I will eat every last one.

    You won my Verbena cottage giveaway.
    Email me at so I will have your email address to send to Maryann.

  2. Well those all look delicious! No special cookies baked here yet, just a favorite gourmet choc chip variety for hubster's work.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. YUM.... nothing like a great cookie... I don't bake anymore at Christmas.. Well, that sounds like I did until a couple of years ago, but truth be told, it's been years and years. ;-)

    Thanks for popping over!

    Have a wonderful Christmas...


  4. They look delicious! Many years ago I held a cookie swap at Christmas. It was a lot of fun, and we were treated to taking some yummy cookies home to enjoy.

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments. Love your Merry Christmas y'all napkins and your cookie tins. I will come back and read more after Christmas when i have some more time....I am off to bake with Kate, wrap and get ready for Christmas Eve mass today! Merry Christmas!!




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