Sunday, May 27, 2012

My New Pottery Barn Lamp and Master Bedroom Furniture Decision

Hi There,

Hope you are enjoying your long extended weekend!

I recently purchased a PB lamp for master bedroom and wanted to share it with you.  I have been "eyeing" this one for awhile.  While visiting the PB store in Charleston, I decided to buy it once I saw it in person.  The lampshade is my favorite, it is actually crewel work on it and I love the colors of rust, olive green and blues.

My furniture in this room is light pine and I am debating on whether to paint it or keep as is.  Any thoughts?  Have you ever painted over pine furniture?  Not sure if you can tell by my photos, but my wall color is olive green and it is actually growing on me.  Since there is three windows in the room, there is plenty of light.

This is just a peek of my bedroom, I have so many other things to do to this room which include:

keep furniture as is or paint  (I am not sure if I am ready to paint this since I like the furniture the way it is)

if decision is to paint, what color paint?

I have a new PB ivory comforter and want to add splashes of the same green in wall to my bedding (pillows, shams, etc).

Carpeting is a light beige

Bed is a iron bed with a antiqued finish

Once room is complete, I will share the finished project.
I just placed these photos in a collage via PicMonkey.  It was super easy!

Close up of dresser

Thanks for visiting.  Next post I will be sharing my art that I just purchased from the Beaufort Gullah Festival.  The original painting was done by a noted African artist.


  1. I like your pine furniture...if you are unsure, just live with it a bit longer. The lamp is fabulous, I think I remember seeing it in the catalog.

    Are you in the path of the big storm down there? Hope you don't get hit hard. Stay dry!


  2. Very pretty lamp. I've been trying to decide if I should paint my 1921 trimwork for almost 8 years, so I'm of no help to you. I do like the scrubbed pine look of your furniture, though. Good luck!

  3. Your new lamp is so pretty! I love that beautiful shade.

    I always have a hard time deciding whether to paint furniture or not. The only suggestion I can make would be to wait until your completely sure.

  4. I love your lamp and your pine furniture. I don't think I'd paint it until you're sure about it. I love pine, myself.

  5. I really like your lamp but I love the shade. I'm always hesitant to paint wood furniture but I think yours might be really nice with a white-wash stain. It would be kind of beachy and I think it would fit in with the other parts of your new home that I've seen.

  6. I looked at your furniture and thought of a color wash. Another option to white would be using a gray, blue, silver mix of paints with glaze or water or floetral.(It is a paint extender for latex paints-it gives you more time to play with color) You could go as heavy or as light as you choose. You can seal it with wax. Maybe change out the hardware for a different look. Good luck. Iris

  7. That is such a pretty lamp shade on that lamp! I can see why you were attracted to it. Looks like it suits your room well. Hard to say about what to do with the furniture without seeing the whole room.

  8. Wonderful new lamp! I've seen painted pine furniture before and always thinks it looks wonderful. Your dresser has great lines and I think you could go either way.

  9. Kelly,
    Great lamp! What a pretty crewel design. No wonder you picked it up!!!
    Your dresser is such a fabulous piece! I even LOVE the hardware.
    What about doing a light paint WASH on your dresser. Maybe white or even a soft aqua green... white would be my favorite. I'd let the pretty grain and knots of the pine show through. It is such a shame to cover up all that great texture and character! A paint wash would really make the dresser softer and yet really stand out.

  10. Beautiful lamp! I really like the rustic nature of your furniture. Of course, I don't really like painting my furniture either. I love to see it on other people's things but for some reason I can't bring myself to paint much of mine. Can't wait to see the final reveal of your bedroom. I know it'll be pretty!

  11. Love the lamp, especially the shade! Beautiful! And as to painting the furniture, the pine has a beachy feel! Painting furniture is a hard decision for me, too! Maybe you could live with the room a while longer and decide if you really want to paint! Either way, I think it will be pretty! :)

  12. I love your lamp and shade! As for choosing a paint color, while it is frustrating for inspiration to hit, I have always been glad I waited until I had an ah-ha moment :)

    Hugs, Tanya




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