Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dining Room Reveal

Well guess what?  I finally am finished my dining room, well almost I would say.  Still need advice or help with window treatments.  It takes me awhile to decide on decor so I do take it very slowly when deciding on decorating ideas for my home.

My living room and dining room are not separate rooms so it has been a little challenging for me!  My other home had individual rooms and it was easier for me to decorate.

Well here is some photos that I took........

Stools - World Market
Grain Sack Runner - On Sutton Place
Tavern Table - Lady's Island, SC Antiques
Chandelier - Plow and Hearth
Chair and Bench - Joli Home and Events, Beaufort, SC
French Subway Art - I won this via giveaway from Chateau Et Jardin.

I bought these beautiful hydrangeas at a  local supermarket, yes $2.50 per stem, can you believe they were selling them at local florists near me for $18.50 per stem.....Miss my hydrangea bushes back in PA....Need to plant me some here!!!!

I love my mason jars added to french bottle rack

Galvanized Bucket with Burlap - Paris Market, Savannah, GA

Bread Box Wall Hanging

Close up of my farm table with front drawer
Pine Armoire, Boxwood Topiaries - Ballard

Now I need help on window treatments for this room.....I can't find anything out there I really am in love with.....So should I just go buy some bamboo shades or keep searching for a window treatment that fits my liking.  Again, I am not a frilly, ruffle type person and only want a simple window treatment on top of my already installed wooden slat blinds that I want for privacy.  Any help or advice would be wonderful!

Source: bhg.com via Kerry on Pinterest

Above is a sample of the bamboo blinds that I am thinking about having in my dining room.  Now since my living room joins into my dining room, should I also use the same style in living room?  I think so!  Your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by.  Need to get back to finish painting the hall bath.....It is really turning out nice....I painted the walls a BM Silver Spring....Loving it!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Added Touches to Guest Bedroom

Well I am finally finished with the added touches to one of my guest bedrooms for now. Who knows, I might change it up again, soon! HA!

I recently posted my guest bedroom but did not include what I was going to hang over my bed. Well, since I moved to another state, I still had some boxes that were still not opened up stored in the garage. Guess what, I found a gorgeous, old mirror that fit perfectly for this spot .  I also decorated a blank wall over dresser in the room with artwork that I ordered from Etsy.

So what do you think?

I added a strand of star fish to my windows.  I just love my white sheer smocked curtains!

Pottery Barn Paisley Pillow

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lavender Shortbread

A few weeks ago when visiting my favorite bakery, Back in The Day Bakery, I purchased some  fresh lavender buds.  I used them in the lavender shortbread recipe below which is one of my favorites from their bakery.

The recipe can be found here.

Enjoy!!  Thanks for visiting!


Boogieboard Cottage

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sneak Peek - Candle Chandelier

Hello There,

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my recent purchase of my candle chandelier for my dining room.  It is very rustic looking and I can't wait to use it for a candlelight dinner.  More dining room photos to come.  Stay tuned......

Pink Shrimp Plant

I purchased these planters from a local business that previously closed.   Have you ever seen one of these before?  It is called a Pink Shrimp plant.  The flower resembles a shrimp!  Don't you think so?  See close up below.  The pots are so heavy and are filled with sweet potato vines and coleus also.  Do you see that creeping sweet potato vine?  It is so healthy and actually growing wild.

Close up of Shrimp Plant

More information on this plant can be found here.

Sweet Potato Vine inside planter

My other potted plants aren't as healthy as these due to extreme heat down here in the South.

Here is photo of my Lime Zinger Elephant Ear.  I had shared these in a previous post but they have really grown since then.  I think I will head back to the nursery where I bought them and pick up some more.

How are your plants surviving the summer?

Thanks for visiting.

Cottage Garden Party

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coq Au Vin

I made Coq Au Vin for dinner.  It was absolutely delicious!  The recipe can be found here.

Hope you had a great weekend!




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