Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dining Room Reveal

Well guess what?  I finally am finished my dining room, well almost I would say.  Still need advice or help with window treatments.  It takes me awhile to decide on decor so I do take it very slowly when deciding on decorating ideas for my home.

My living room and dining room are not separate rooms so it has been a little challenging for me!  My other home had individual rooms and it was easier for me to decorate.

Well here is some photos that I took........

Stools - World Market
Grain Sack Runner - On Sutton Place
Tavern Table - Lady's Island, SC Antiques
Chandelier - Plow and Hearth
Chair and Bench - Joli Home and Events, Beaufort, SC
French Subway Art - I won this via giveaway from Chateau Et Jardin.

I bought these beautiful hydrangeas at a  local supermarket, yes $2.50 per stem, can you believe they were selling them at local florists near me for $18.50 per stem.....Miss my hydrangea bushes back in PA....Need to plant me some here!!!!

I love my mason jars added to french bottle rack

Galvanized Bucket with Burlap - Paris Market, Savannah, GA

Bread Box Wall Hanging

Close up of my farm table with front drawer
Pine Armoire, Boxwood Topiaries - Ballard

Now I need help on window treatments for this room.....I can't find anything out there I really am in love with.....So should I just go buy some bamboo shades or keep searching for a window treatment that fits my liking.  Again, I am not a frilly, ruffle type person and only want a simple window treatment on top of my already installed wooden slat blinds that I want for privacy.  Any help or advice would be wonderful!

Source: bhg.com via Kerry on Pinterest

Above is a sample of the bamboo blinds that I am thinking about having in my dining room.  Now since my living room joins into my dining room, should I also use the same style in living room?  I think so!  Your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by.  Need to get back to finish painting the hall bath.....It is really turning out nice....I painted the walls a BM Silver Spring....Loving it!!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE this room!! Love your farmhouse table and pretty chairs. I would keep your windows simple with just bamboo shades. Beautiful room!!

  2. Your dining room looks wonderful, Kelly! You did a super job on it! I'd go with the bamboo shades and I think they will look great.

  3. It looks beautiful...just my style...rustic touches without being "country". Farmhouse style. I adore it.

  4. What a beautiful, fresh and welcoming room! I am wild over your farmhouse table! It is magnificent!!!!
    I am going to go right over to Ann's and look for a runner just like your! Again, beautiful!
    I would get bamboo blinds. They are so warm and add texture. I have them in my breakfast room and have long linen drapes over them. But I would be just as happy to have the blinds alone.
    I am so happy for you! What a wonderful place to eat and connect!

  5. Your room is coming along beautifully! I love the bamboo shades you pictured above and would intsall them on all the windows.

  6. I love your room! Especially the bottle rack, subway sign and your runner. It all goes so well together. I found your link on Savvy Southern Style and am now following. Can't wait to explore your blog more.


  7. All the choices and decisions you've had to make for your dining room have paid off because it's lovely. Love it! I really like the idea of bamboo shades. They would add a nice texture to the room. You did a great job in your dining room.
    Mary Alice

  8. It's so nice to see everything all put together. The grain sack things look perfect in your home. Thank you for the mention!

  9. It looks beautiful! I love all of your accessories!

  10. You did a great job. I love the look and yes, I think you're right about the style being similar in the living room.

  11. It looks really beautiful, Kelly. Sooo charming. You have done a great job and you are so smart to take your time and find things that you really love! I like the idea of the bamboo shades too.

  12. Love this dining room! So beautiful! I'd love for you to share this at my linky party, Twirl & Take a Bow at www.houseontheway.com. I hope you can stop by and join in!

  13. what a great space! i have a similar chandelier in my own dining room.

  14. Your home looks cozy and warm. I love the rustic table runner and the pillows. :) -Husfruas Memoarer-

  15. I love your dining room!! I am a sucker for hydrangeas! It all looks gorgeous!

    I am now following your blog!! Feel free to drop by and say hello over at my blog @ mysweetlittlesteinerfamily.blogspot.com

    Have a great day

  16. Love your dining room--beautifully done! What color are the walls?

  17. It's beautiful! Love the table and chairs and light fixture. You have it all styled so pretty :D

  18. Yes, my vote is for the bamboo shades as the texture it provides is lovely and it's a simple look that packs a punch. How do I know? I have them in my current home and I'm so glad that I made this choice. I am just visiting your blog for the first time and well, we need to chat! We are in the process of having a home in SC! Not an easy process and the humidity/hair issues? Awk!!!! LOL! See you soon.... and if you ever get a moment, drop on by my blog for some sweet tea!

    What a beautiful space you created - loving your table runner!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the chance.

  20. Hi Kelly! Oh, how pretty your dining room is and those hydrangeas - they're gorgeous and so big, not to mention a great price. I think the bamboo shades would look lovely! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me and about those burgundy colored hydrangeas - they're faux! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. oh wow Kelly this is amazing! I just love everything. I especially love that bottle rack lol. what really stands out is that candle chandy and the subway sign, it's just so wonderful. LOVE those wood dining room chairs and the table runner is wonderful. Love the cool farmhouse table. I also love that back door with the window up above it too. love the bar stools too!

    For your curtains/blinds dilemma I guess i couldn't offer any advice because i am a ruffly, frilly kind of girl and i would use white curtains, but I also love this look too! and actually the way you have it right now with just the white blinds looks wonderful to me and it doesn't look too bare and makes it look just perfect. When in doubt just wait and it will come to you. but really i love it just the way it is and it just seems to all blend together.

    {Just hope the bamboo shades doesn't make it all look too dark}

    My hydrangeas are still blooming like crazy and it's almost September. I am going to post some on my next post because i love them so much too.

    did you have problems with the copyright thing? let me know. these will surely be pinned!

    have a great Holiday week-end! We will be doing lots of labor around here LOL

  22. What a lovely dining room, such beautiful touches. I am stopping by to tell you I emailed you as the winner of my giveaway on my blog.Be sure and check your email as it could go to spam. thanks and have a great day!!

  23. Kudos to you for an amazing dining room! I love everything that you've done. It's sort of industrial farmhouse (one of my favorite styles). I think using the roll-up bamboo shades that you're thinking about would be great! They would trim the windows so they don't look naked, but also offer privacy when you need it. The natural look of bamboo would go nicely with the style in your rooms too.

  24. I LOVE those bamboo shades ....I am thinking of putting them in my dining room...where do you buy yours? Someone mentioned Target had some really pretty ones...I think it was Pat at Backporch Mushings. I, like you, am not a frilly person, either. Let me know when you decide on what to use with your blinds...then I can copy cat. :))

  25. oh girl.. it looks AMAZING!!! I love everything about it.

  26. Love your dining room!. I have been searching for a jar tree like you have and can't find one.
    The runner and beautiful Hydrangeas I really like. The shade idea sounds good, I wonder if you can find them with a little stained like color similar to the one in your blue hydrangea you have on your table?
    Gonna finish looking around your blog now, I am enjoying doing so.

  27. What a wonderful space!! I love all of your special touches.

  28. The room looks great! The bamboo blinds are really pretty. But I do also love cafe curtains for the dining room. They keep it casual but add privacy. Good luck!

  29. Beautiful room! Looks like it's straight out of magazine! Love the rack with the mason jars and the box on the wall! And the burlap runner is a great touch, too! I know what you mean about decorating rooms that flow into each other! The entire bottom floor of my home does that! It can be a challenge! But you have done it very well! :)

  30. What a lovely dining room and I can't believe I missed it. So many pretty items like the table, runner and a great overall look. And yes that is a great idea for the wood box as a shelf. Now I need to try something similar. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment on my wood box and ironstone.




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