Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pink Shrimp Plant

I purchased these planters from a local business that previously closed.   Have you ever seen one of these before?  It is called a Pink Shrimp plant.  The flower resembles a shrimp!  Don't you think so?  See close up below.  The pots are so heavy and are filled with sweet potato vines and coleus also.  Do you see that creeping sweet potato vine?  It is so healthy and actually growing wild.

Close up of Shrimp Plant

More information on this plant can be found here.

Sweet Potato Vine inside planter

My other potted plants aren't as healthy as these due to extreme heat down here in the South.

Here is photo of my Lime Zinger Elephant Ear.  I had shared these in a previous post but they have really grown since then.  I think I will head back to the nursery where I bought them and pick up some more.

How are your plants surviving the summer?

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  1. Your plants are really thriving in this heat. The shrimp plant is just beautiful and I can't believe the size of those pots. I'm waiting until it finally cools down a little to do some work in the yard here.

  2. Your flowers look so healthy! That shrimp plant is such a pretty pink!

  3. oh aren't those the cutest things! yes i will have some shrimp plants and grits LOL I will have to check into these, i love them. the creeping vine is wonderful too!




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