Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Rootin Tootin Handbag

Have you ever heard of a company named Rootin Tootin Handbags?  Well let  me tell you a little about it.  They are a small business based in Texas that makes handmade boots.  The owner's daughter also decided to recycle boots into making handbags.

I actually have one of them and I just love it and get so many compliments on it!  Here is some information on the company, see here.

For Christmas one year, I received one of these handbags from my husband who saw the ad about the handbags on a Hartford commercial.  I just love it so much and was thrilled to receive it as a gift.  You can also have your own boots made into a handbag, how cool is that?  Also the handbags are made in the USA which is also a great thing!

Here are some photos of my bag and I am about to get to use it soon since the weather is getting cooler.  Now I need to get some of my boots out too!

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Good news is that I went into a shop where I live and the owner of the shop loved my handbag so much she called the company and bought several for her shop!

Silver Conch and rhinestones adorn the handbag

Love the bottom!

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  1. wow what will they think of next! lol
    cute purse, makes me want to get my cowboy boots out too.

  2. Checked out the website, these are absolutely beautiful! I want one!!!

  3. Now this is one awesome and good lookin' bag. Love it...
    Thanks for sharing this site with us...gotta ck them out.




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