Sunday, October 14, 2012

Water Hyacinth Basket and Some Pumpkins

Recently, I found a beautiful water hyacinth basket for only $20.  I know that I received a great deal on this since I have been looking for them for quite some time.  The size is just perfect and I love the two handles on the sides of the basket.  The basket can be used for so many things. During the holiday season, I am going to add greens and berries to it!

I love the array of colors in my penny rug

Also I wanted to share some more photos of pumpkins around my home.

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Thanks for visiting!



  1. Your basket has found the perfect spot by your fireplace with the knit throw peeking out. Great find!

  2. I love your basket! How did it get this name? And what a great idea putting the pumpkins in your fireplace! I love how it looks!

    Have a wonderful week! :)


  3. Gorgeous!!!! I love the pumpkins in the fireplace.

  4. Great basket! And that was a good deal! Love your BOO banner and the pumpkins in the fireplace! Very clever idea! :)

    Hope you'll be able to attend the SBC next year! It was awesome!

  5. Beautiful fireplace and pumpkins! I am featuring you on my Facebook page tonight- so stop by the blog and grab a "I Was Featured" button!
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  6. I love your basket and the handles are so useful. Your pumpkins look so sweet in the fireplace. Great fall vignette. I"m your newest follower.......

    The French Hutch

  7. Beautiful the pumpkins in your fireplace and your boo banner too!

  8. I love your basket! Such a good size and looks so pretty by your fireplace.

  9. I love the idea of putting pumpkins inside the fireplace! So cute! I love your penny rug too. It reminds me of those crazy quilts with the mix of bright colors against a dark background.

  10. This pumpkin in a fireplace idea is awesome! :) Looks wonderful!




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