Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple Holiday Crafts and Upcoming Giveaway

Good Morning, Hope you had a wonderful week. Well I wanted to share some photos of crafts that my sister made and shared with me. I just wish I would have been with her making these back in PA.

Tara wrapped yard around cardboard for each letter.

The above photo is yarn wrapped around a Styrofoam base and placed on top of a candle holder that she inverted.  She added the "JOY" letters to her evergreen wreath in her powder room.  Really love how this turned out!

She used an "Italian" book pages and traced out crowns to make this simple ornament for her tree.

Another yarn wrapped tree on inverted candle holder.  What a lovely vignette, a Christmas tree made with several sizes of paper shaped in a tree.  Lovely cloche with a simple sprig of evergreen, lace snowflake and pine cone.  Did you notice the runner on table, she covered with book pages from an Italian book.  I was visiting her in PA when I helped her with this one!

Hope you enjoyed.  Let me know if you have any question on the above crafts.  Also make sure you stop by over weekend, I have a giveaway coming!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. So creative!! Love the wreath. All the decorations look simple and elegant. I love this look. Not overdone.

    I haven't decorated my powder room in years. It's so small but I'm thinking maybe I should. Next year....

  2. Your sister is very creative! The wrapped letters look wonderful on the wreath! I love texture...maybe I can try this! Very pretty! :)


  3. These are SOOO cute! I love them all! I'm saving these ideas for next year! :)




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