Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Hometown Part 1

Back in November of last year, I visited my family back in West Chester, PA during Thanksgiving. I grew up in the town of West Chester, PA which is 30 miles west of Philadelphia. Some attractions nearby include Longwood Gardens, see here.  Marsh Creek State Park, Valley Forge State Park and Brandywine Battlefield.  Here are some photos that I took while on my visit in the town.

Do you remember the movie, Marley and Me?  Some of the scenes were filmed about 5 minutes from where I lived near the borough of West Chester.  This building was the scene of the vet's office that Marley visited. 

Street view of Gay Street

One of our favorite breakfast spots

I used to work close by and loved to shop here at Jane Chalfant

Many of these homes are open on Chester County Day tours, I love the ivy covered brick wall

This was once my sister's shop where she created customized purses.  All family members assisted her including me!  It was so much fun!

Four Dogs Tavern in Marshalton, PA (My brother is partner/owner and chef here!)

Sign of Four Dogs Tavern

Front Porch of Marshalton Inn, see the chiminea?  It is used in the colder nights along with rocking chairs and sticks to roast marshmallows...YUM!

Texas Longhorns, my brother buys from this local farm for his restaurant (Marshalton Inn/Four Dogs Tavern)

Marshalton Inn, established 1814

Another one of my favorites, Talula's Table in Kennett Square, PA

Above is some of the items that are available at Talula's.  Handmade vintage aprons, jellies, organic peanut butter, brown eggs, organic meats, olive oils, coffees, and many imported items.  Dinner reservations can be made for a seat a community table....However, there is usually a one year wait to get a reservation.

Horses enjoying the outdoors

Well hope you enjoyed the tour of my hometown.  I will be adding part two to this post once I visit this summer again!  Hope you will return!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your hometown looks like a nice place to visit. And here I thought that West Chester was only known for QVC! :)

  2. I love the architecture and colors of the buildings. It looks like such a cute town to visit. I guess your proved wrong the theory that "you can never go home again".

  3. What a beautiful, charming little town! The downtown reminds me of Walnut Creek in the Bay Area of California.

  4. I love small towns! Thanks for the tour... Such charm:)

  5. Such a pretty area! I have been to Longwood Gardens before...lovely place! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh how fun, I love seeing all the buildings, the architecture is so wonderful. Not at all like the west coast. Thanks for the visit and your gracious comments. Hugs, Marty

  7. What a beautiful and quaint little town! Looks so welcoming and homey! Enjoyed your tour! A girl that works with me is from PA, but I'm not sure what part. She loved it, but the cold winters got the best of her.

  8. Kell. Great job about our home town. The pictures are great. I lot has changed since I grew up, it had been updated to be a popular college town. We still love it here.

  9. What a charming place...you can only get that sort of charm with history. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love your hometown Kelly, it even looks a lot like my hometown! I will be able to visit in March. I haven't been home in 3 or 4 years now! It's high time I made a visit.

    p.s. I changed my blog name for reasons I will tell you about later! Last time LOL LOL !

  11. What a charming town! And I love the sign on your brother's place!

  12. Love West Chester! Delaware girl here. Great pics and tour:) http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/01/sweet-heart-pillow-upcycle.html




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