Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Cut Outs

Last week when it was raining, I thought it would be a perfect day to make a easy craft for Valentines. I had bought some card stock paper (red and pink), used my cookie heart cutters to trace hearts on paper and placed Valentine stickers on the cutouts.


 I hole punched a hole in the center top of cutout and used pink/white butcher twine to hang. Aren't they cute? I felt like I was in grade school all over again, it was so much fun!!

Aren't these the cutest stickers? 

Here is where I decided to hang them on the willow branches that I have placed in my French market flower bucket.

Are you making anything "crafty" for Valentine's Day?  I still have to make cookies and will share them with you, too!

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  1. This looks perfect. I love the rustic look of the hearts on the branches!

  2. These are really cute ideas!
    I haven't started anything yet, but I'm collecting ideas.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    What a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon!! Great project!
    All the Best,

  4. I love them!!!! You've given me an idea for something to do tomorrow.

  5. Love it ... the perfect Valentine *tree!*

  6. Your crafted ornaments turned out really cute! And they look so pretty on the branches in the silver bucket! :)

  7. Cute! This is PIN worthy! I would never have thought of something like this but might have to give it a try. It would make a great craft for small children too :)

  8. I love how simple and cozy this looks! You just gave me motivation to get my butt in gear and create a little something like this, but if that thought passes and I get nothing acomplished, I will just come back and admire yours ;-) Also, just wanted to take a second and say thanks for continuing to follow me on my blog. I really appreciate it!




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