Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beaufort In Bloom

I am outside today enjoying the nice weather here! Here are some photos of some pretty flowers.

Couldn't resist taking this one!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Erin Go Bragh." (Ireland Forever)


  1. How pretty! It will be months before we can plant any flowers. Sigh.

  2. Oh Kelly,
    So pretty. I am so jealous. It will be months before we see that pretty site here in Illinois. It was fun to see your post and that puppy face. Adorable!!!

  3. Oh how pretty Kelly,Im beginning to think spring isn't coming,,,it snowed,iced and rained here today. Thanks for the pretty reminder that's spring IS around the corner.!

  4. Love the pretty flowers! Ready to get some dirt under my nails, and plants in the ground! :)

  5. So very pretty. I am on the coast but I think not quite as far down the coast as your are...we are expecting snow tomorrow -but I am hoping for all rain.

  6. Oh, your azaleas are blooming already. I noticed ours are just budding, but then you're probably zone 8 or 9 in Beaufort. We had a couple of warm days and now it's cold again. Nice photo of the camellias with the Spanish moss.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. My Dad was from South Carolina and his brother used to be Chief of Police in Beaufort when I was young. After seeing these beautiful pictures I must come back to visit. I still have relatives in South Carolina. Loved your Christmas pictures and house. Enjoying your blog and looking forward to more. Have a wonderful Easter!




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