Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Flowers


I have been outdoors more since the humidity has not arrived here yet!  Some of the perennials that I have planted last year have grown and I have added some more to add some beauty to the back yard!

My yard has been a challenge to us, we are not sure what we are plans are.  For instance, we have tried to grown grass but with no luck.  There is too much shade in the yard for a garden, although we did have tree arborist come in and prune them.  We have an Water Oak tree that I would love to have removed, however it is not permitted within our county unless tree has a disease.  Since the tree has been trimmed back some, I do however have some more light filtering through my yard now.

Here is the Water Oak that I would love to have removed

My dream is to have raised beds and a walkway from our patio to the back picket gate. (I have started some inspiration photos on Pinterest that I will share with you soon!)

Let's take a look at some of my flowers around my yard now:

I planted some Confederate Jasmine last year however the plant above was just recently added.  I am getting anxious to see how it takes off soon!  I think it will be beautiful once they all start to climb my picket fence!  My neighbor down the alley has a full fence of it and it looks wonderful!

Here are some plants near my garage.  This is also a shaded area so I have to be selective on what I plant here.  The name of it is Lime Zinger Elephant Ear.  I will take more photos during the summer months of this so you can see how much it spreads.

Here is a pic of my Meyer Lemon Tree, so far no lemons!  UGH!  The tree however looks healthy and I actually had beautiful white blooms on it earlier in April.......Need to do some more research on this!!!

One of my favorites - Hydrangea

I will be sharing more once they are in bloom.  What flowers do you have growing in your yard/garden?

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are enjoying the month of June so far!


  1. Everything is looking great! I'm jealous of your lemon tree and your hydrangeas. I know I could never grow a lemon tree in NY and my hydrangeas are a huge source of stress. Yours look so pretty!

  2. Good Afternoon Kelly, I love Jasmine and it will be lovely to see yours growing along your fence. When I lived in Cyprus, Jasmine grew in abundance in my garden. I used to have it growing over an arch. When the plant was in full flower, if I gentle shook the arch at night time, the smell of Jasmine would fill the air. Sadly here in England I cannot grow Jasmine as the winters are much too cold.
    Hydrangeas are such pretty bushes and I like the fact that yours is blue, I have tried all sorts to change my pink flower heads to blue, but they do not want to change. They like themselves, just the way they are.
    It will be exciting when you have your first lemon from your lemon tree. You will have to show us a photograph.
    Best Wishes

  3. I remember your jasmine from last year. So pretty! Every yard provides challenges, but it is hard to find a large variety of plants for shade gardens. Annabelle Hydrangea is my favorite and it likes my yard, so I'd like to plant a few more.

  4. Wow Kelly everything is looking so pretty. I love the hydrangeas. They are always so pretty. To have your own lemon tree how fun and sweet is that.

  5. this is the year I'm trying to get some hydrangeas going in my yard. I love the look of yours, but I can never find a place where mine seem to like. Too much hot Sacramento sun in my yard. I have a few in pots right now. Your yard looks so pretty.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. Your garden is looking very nice. June is a wonderful month for all sorts of blooms. I'm visiting from Cottage Garden Party.




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