Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At the Beach.....

It was a picture perfect day so I headed for the beach.

Nothing is better than the beach when there are no crowds, sun shining, a little breeze blowing.....and sand between your toes......

We wanted to fish so we also brought our fishing pole.

Even though no fish were caught to fry, we did have a little surprise......

Do you want to guess what it was?  See below.....

We are trying to figure out what kind of shark this is....Any ideas?  We know that it is not a Black Tip Reef Shark but S.C. does have Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks in the area.

Also saw a Loggerhead Turtle nesting area.......

Ah the lazy days of summer at the beach.  I promise I will be back to visit you soon!!

Thanks for your visit!


  1. What is the perfect day? A day on the beach.

  2. totally jealous... isn't that a nurse shark? we used to see them often when i lived in naples.

  3. Wow! A shark! We were snorkeling in Maui a couple months ago and had a reef shark swim by.. it was a little scary! He was trying to get away from US as we were apparently in his territory. I love the beach too:) and this looks like a wonderful day.


  4. Gotta love a day at the beach like that one. Not sure what that shark is. xo Diana

  5. Was it okay that I screamed SHARK out loud when I saw the picture? LoL

    Thanks for the ocean pictures although I am jealous that it wasn't MY toes in the waves. Hehehe...

    Have a great day!

  6. this looks like Botany Bay! Is that where you were? Yes, there are a lot more sharks out there than people realize! Did you see the video of the one where the guy pulled one in at Sullivan's Island last week? Yikes, scary!




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