Monday, September 9, 2013

Becky's Patio

Hello, I wanted to share Becky's (my neighbor and friend) patio with you today.  Her son just recently installed her patio with brick. He did such a fabulous job! Here are some photos that I took today.

Becky's patio is so private and is perfect for a family gathering or a cup of coffee in the morning.
Love her split leaf philodendron on table!!!!
See the kettle on the right hand side of photo?  She will be installing a gas fire pit in that spot.....
Here is extra seating with brick columns at each end which was made into planters.  I just love this look.....
There is a lot of shade on her patio which I love for the SC climate!  I love how she has planted various shade perennials such as ferns amongst her bird bath!
More beautiful perennials........


 Now visiting her patio wants me to move along with my plans sooner! 
Thanks for your visit!


  1. What a gorgeous job her son did!!!
    That seating area is just spectacular - would LOVE to have that!

  2. Becky's patio is a charming spot. I love the ferns. I am excited about your Italy trip. We went there 10 years ago and Tuscany was my favorite area by far. xo, olive

  3. Such a lovely garden patio! I Luke the ferns and sweet little bird bath:)

  4. Lucky Becky, to have a son with such a talent. The patio is beautiful!

  5. Hi LInda,
    Becky's patio is fabulous. Her son did a great job. How pretty and so inviting.

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Sorry I wrote Linda and meant you!!!! It is late her and I need to go to bed. Sorry. Anyway your neighbors patio is so fabulous and so cozy and inviting. Sorry for the typo.

  7. Your neighbor's patio is lovely. We have cobblestones and I love them, but I often think I would like to make a change to brick.




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