Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall - 2013

Happy Fall!

It is raining here in SC so it will be a great day to get out some of my fall decorations.  I always like to add some fall touches to my home with the colors of brown, orange, and plaids.  I will not be adding any fresh pumpkins to my porch until later due to the temps. The weather has been in the mid-80s which is just perfect for this time of year along with a little cool breeze.

Oh and of course I love burning my autumn scented candles, one of my favorite is pumpkin soufflé.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Have you started adding any fall décor to your home?


  1. Happy Sunday..

    its only 57 here in nc this morning and I am loving it.. I too have a pumpkin candle burning, yummmm, it smells so good.

    this will be a good day to sew some pumpkins and stuff them for the table displays..

    hugs and happy thoughts

  2. Happy Fall to you, too! Wow- I thought I had commented here before. My computer is so screwed up and I am working from hubby's old laptop. Anyway- I am anxious now to get to my Fall decorations-xo Diana

  3. Happy Autumn to you.. I just finished my wee decorations for Fall.. Maybe I will add a few more pumpkins. VBG I reckon it is most beautiful in the Fall down South. Hugs Judy




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