Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jane's Coastal Home - Mini Tour

My friend Jane has a beautiful coastal themed home near me and I wanted to share some photos of her home. However, I am sad since she has it on the market now. She really has great taste in décor and has traveled around the world collecting items for her beautiful home.

 Such great curb appeal!

 Front porch with splashes of lime green, turquoise and yellow.

Coastal theme wreath 

 I love Jane's living room with her use of coastal colors.  She also did a fabulous job on her gallery wall.....

Love this painted piece, Jane bought this while vacationing in Singapore. 

Love all the seahorses in her hall bath!

 Check out the "pop" of turquoise in her master bedroom along with turquoise side table.....
All bedding was custom made by one of her friends.

 Guest bedroom with hues of blue and green

Thanks Jane for letting me photograph your beautiful home and for being such a great friend, too!
Also sharing at: astrollthrulife.net


  1. Beautiful home, Kelly! I love her living room!

  2. Gorgeous! I love all the cheerful colors!

  3. What a cheerfully decorated home. Thanks for sharing!
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. What beautiful colors... I don't see turquoise used that much. Maybe I'm not in the right area... hahaha. Thanks for sharing this pretty home Kelly.

  5. Thanks for taking us on such a beautiful home tour! I love the porch and living room, gorgeous use of color all around!.

  6. I love the coastal colors, Kelly! Visit Uptown Acorn for my latest giveaway!!!! xo

  7. Wow, she is rocking all that turquoise.

  8. Beautiful coastal home. I love the front porch!

  9. Fabulous pops of turquoise! Love how she caries it through the house.

  10. The living room and bedroom photos are my favorite - love the turquoise! I'm thinking of doing my living room in turquoise and coral--whenever I move to the coast.

    Love the fish print above the fireplace!

  11. WOW pretty!!! i love all the colors :D



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