Sunday, December 1, 2013

Handmade Advent Calendar

Hello There,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Well can you believe it is December 1st? I wanted to share an advent calendar that my mother made for me several years ago. Oh how I love homemade gifts, something that you can always cherish!

Today I went out to the garage to pull some of my Christmas bins and came up with my advent calendar so far to begin decorating my home. I decided to hang it in my kitchen on the door that leads to my laundry room.

The calendar is made from a quilted material with a kitchen theme design so it was perfect for my kitchen. Inside the bowl on the calendar, there is a pocket where there are several cutouts that are to be placed in each numbered pocket of the calendar.

Cut outs

My mother is so talented and such a crafty person. She can quilt, crochet, and knit. I will have to share some of her beautiful quilts that she has made with you someday. Well I guess I better get busy with pulling some more of my Christmas d├ęcor out soon! I think I am going light on decorating my home again this year!

Do you have an Advent calendar? Thanks for your visit!


  1. A handmade Advent calendar - and especially one from your mother - is a treasure!

  2. Kell, Thank you for the beautiful write-up. I really did enjoy doing the calendar.
    Honestly I forgot how nice it was. Please enjoy LV MOM




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