Monday, February 17, 2014

My New Italian Linen Tablecloth from Italy

While vacationing in Siena, Tuscany back in October, I came across this beautiful linen tablecloth. I knew at first sight it was going back home with me to the US. The tablecloth came with six beautiful napkins. The pattern I chose was the pomegranate which stands for good luck in Italy. Can't you tell that I was a happy girl?

So now I want to show you close ups and  how it looks on my table......

The linens are made near Siena where I vacationed by the Bertozzi family.  They are hand stamped by original hand carved wooden molds.  Fast vegetable dyes are used on the linens which are permanent and fade resistant.
I have also included some tips on purchasing high quality linens from Italy.  See here.
Well I hope you liked my new linen tablecloth as much as I do. 
BTW - I wanted to include a pomegranate in the photos, however, I went to several grocery stores and they were not available.  I love the seeds which are a healthy snack and great in salads, too!  So instead, I have included a photo from the pomegranates that were on the property of the vineyard/bed and breakfast where we stayed in Tuscany.
Thanks for your visit.

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  1. Gorgeous table linens and I love that they are hand stamped. Best thing of all is you found them in Tuscany ;)

  2. That is a gorgeous table cloth, Kelly! What a wonderful thing to have to enjoy as you remember your trip. Love that it is all hand stamped! xo Diana

  3. Beautiful linens, Kelly! And, even more special because they hold the memory of that trip! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Beautiful, beautiful tablecloth!!! Sounds like a dream vacation!
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh Kelly, it's beautiful!! I bet beautifully made, too. I can only imagine what a wonderful vacation this must have been for you.

  6. Beautiful Kelly! I loved hearing how it was made. Oh, to go to Tuscany! Thanks for sharing with SYC.




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