Sunday, March 9, 2014

Decisions on My Blanket Chest and Upcoming Giveaway

Hello There, I have been enjoying the outdoors this weekend since the weather is in the low 70s here. The weather has been rainy for the last three days before the weekend, so I needed to enjoy the outdoors some. Anyway, I wanted to share a blanket chest with you that I have had over 20 plus years. In my other home in PA, I had this piece in the family room just as it is. I believe that it is made from cedar wood.

Now I am not actually using it in my home currently but am thinking that I would like to use it as a coffee table. As I am not a "paint furniture" person, I was wondering what your thoughts would be for this piece. I don't mind some painted furniture throughout my home, but I actually love the natural wood look instead.

So any help or suggestions on this blanket chest would be greatly appreciated.  Should I keep as is and tone down the "orange look" to this piece and how could this be done or perhaps paint the piece.


Don't forget to stop back soon as I am having a cute giveaway here....I am sure you will love it!!!


  1. I am not a painted furniture person either maybe one or two pieces. I like it as is.... xo

  2. I recently saw a blogger use some type of solution to tone down the orangy look on a piece of furniture. I wish I had the link. The blog is My Sweet Savannah. A few minutes searching her blog will help you find it. I think the wood is so pretty. I remember my older sisters getting these big chests and they were called Hope Chests used to store things they would need when they got married.


  3. I like it just fine but painted lighter it would be pretty. I do not like to paint much myself.

  4. I think it is very pretty as it is. If you want to go lighter you could white wash it so you could still see the grain or you could add a cushion to give it a different look.

  5. I think you should leave it as is. I like the natural cedar look.




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