Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Bike Ride Around My Neighborhood

It was such a beautiful day here in Beaufort, I got out my bike and took a cruise on my bike around the neighborhood.

I love my bike, this photo was taken with my I-Phone.....But see my basket on the front of my bike, well I had my camera in it so I took some quick shots of some of my favorite homes within my neighborhood.  My neighborhood is small and there is only one circle of homes (each home is a different style) which I love!  In the middle of the circle, there is a green with oaks, flowering bushes and trees.  There is an alley behind the homes with some models that have garages.  We have a garage and I am glad that we do.

Do you remember this statue of Fidella?  I had it in a recent post.  See here.  She is located on the green area of our little neighborhood....

The first is mine of course.  Can you see the blooming Azaleas?  I love them, however they do not last too long!

Some more Azaleas in bloom!

I tried to take photos of the homes that did not have cars parked in front of their home.  Aren't the palm trees beautiful in front of this home?

And of course I had to include the beautiful Spanish Moss hanging from the trees!  I just love it!

I hope you are having a lovely week!  Thanks for your visit!


  1. Beautiful! Makes me want to visit Beaufort. - Carla

  2. Looks like you have a very beautiful neighborhood! Fidella is adorable!

  3. Those are all just gorgeous homes. I love those little secluded neighborhoods with homes in a circle that share a mini "town square". Your place is just lovely. I love Beaufort, too! xo Diana

  4. That is a picture perfect neighborhood, Kelly! LOVE it! blessings ~ tanna

  5. What a charming neighborhood, Kelly! Picture perfect! And I love your bike:)

  6. Oh wow! Beautiful! Your own, being the prettiest!!!!

  7. Oh Kelly what a charming neighborhood. Such charm. My biggest fav is your bike how cute is that! I can see you cruising around on that little charmer. Adorable.

  8. Such a pretty city. I was there years ago, but it was much too cold then for a bike ride! I love to cruise around on my bicycle too, but there are a lot of hills in my neighborhood that makes it a real challenge.

  9. Such a pretty neighborhood! I love seeing the Spanish moss. We've got lots of it here too. I think it's pretty when it blows in the breeze. I also wish the azaleas would last longer. They're real show stoppers when in full bloom. :)

  10. Such a pretty neighborhood. I am in Western Pa / a few of those older cottages look similar to what we see around here but oh MY we do not see that lovely Spanish Moss! :)

  11. Wow, what a beautiful neighborhood! How lucky are you!!




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