Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why do I Blog?

Over two years ago, I pressed the publish button on my first post in Blogger.  Although at first it was a little intimidating, it was also a great experience.

I have always loved home decorating, baking, cooking, gardening, photography, etc. and thought that blogging would be a  creative outlet for me.  I actually was inspired by reading Miss Mustard Seed's blog. See blog here.  She wrote the first blog that I thoroughly enjoyed and I thought I might actually try this myself.
Me (left hand side, and Marion - Miss Mustard Seed, Right hand side)

Almost three years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) in person at Luckett's Market and so glad that I did.  What a wonderful, down to earth person she was, not alone the most talented furniture painter and DIYer that I have ever met. At the time, she was not nearly as 'big' in the blogland as she is now.

Another reason I blog is the inspiration from other bloggers that I have met and the friendships that I have enjoyed while blogging.  Now I look back at my early blogging and critique my photography.  Yes,  I think that I have improved on my photography and want to further improve my skills!

Overall I am so glad that I make this choice and hopefully will continue with it.

So tell me why do you blog?  I would love for you to share with me!


  1. Great post! I blog to have a memory log for my family-I try to capture little moments that might otherwise get lost over time. I can say what I think and write what I feel without having to explain myself to someone who doesn't "get it".
    Plus I can be just a tad "wicked"....
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Kelly, I frequently as myself this very question, especially when my words and thoughts begin arguing. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I hope you have enjoyed a lovely weekend. Bonnie

  3. Well, I've barely been blogging for a year now, but I have to say, I love it! I truly treasure the friendships I've made and enjoy seeing what everyone's up to. It's interesting to see the differences around the country with things like gardening. I love seeing other people's gardens. I hope you continue with your blog. I love coming here. :)

  4. I use the blog as a trip down memory lane. I also love to share my likes and dislikes with others too. Happy Sunday! xo

  5. Glad you do. I love your blog, ideas, and home.

  6. My daughter, Carly helped me start the blog. She knew I needed an outlet after my mother had passed away. My husband and I love gardening and everything in between. I have met the most wonderful people in blogland. I'm always inspired by their talent and motivated by their stories. I was intimated too when I started, but have found out through time it brings the best out of everyone. Great Post!!

  7. Isn't blogging just the best! I love the people I meet through blogging and the connection we all feel! So happy you pushed that publish button over two years ago!

  8. So happy to have found your blog through Bonnie at "Living Life." What a good topic. I started blogging about three years ago when my daughter suggested it for me. I needed a creative outlet and the blog was the answer. Like you I have made many friends and discovered many opportunities through blogging. I just love it!

  9. I think I did it to stay connected with people after I quit working. But then I fell in love with the photography. Now I struggle though as I am distracted with many outside things and feel as if I have little time for photographs and blogging.

  10. I started blogging purely for myself and to have the place to put all of my ideas. It has become more that than over the years, part ideas but more than that it's a place to record my family's journey through life whether it's a favorite recipe, celebration or house project. I love that my family reads it and goes back through the old posts. That's why I keep doing it!

  11. Congrats on two years of blogging! It has been a wonderful experience for me and the friendships I have made is the best part.

  12. I blog to motivate myself. I need to be creative in order to have topics for posts.

    What I did not expect was the wonderful friendships from blogging. I am writing a post right now about blogging friendships.




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