Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Bee Lavender

On Friday, my husband surprised me with two galvanized pots of lavender that he bought at Trader Joe's.  I loved the size of them and I had the perfect spot for them on my front porch.

The type of lavender is Little Bee.  To care for it, it requires plenty of light but away from the bright sunlight. The soil must be kept moist and faded flowers removed.  The Little Bee lavender can also be planted without pot in a sunny place in the garden.

For now I will keep in the galvanized pots for the porch and perhaps plant them at a later date.

It is such a beautiful day here in Beaufort, SC.  Perfect day for sipping a glass of iced tea and some porch sitting too!

Have you ever been to a lavender farm?  I visited a Lavender Farm in Springfield, OR where my sister lives called McKenzie River Lavender.  We cut out own lavender in bunches and bought some lavender soap and lavender linen spray that I use on my bed linens!  It smells amazing!!!!!  You can visit McKenzie River Lavender FB page here.

Have you ever grown lavender in your garden?


  1. Oh...I absolutely love lavender, however I have never grown it myself. We are so lucky to be having a gorgeous day here in Virginia too. Enjoy your week! xo

  2. I love lavender and plan on adding a few plants in our side garden. LOVE that barrel and the pretty vignette you created on top of it!!

  3. I absolutely love lavender! I know there is a lavender farm not too far from me, but I've never been. Yours looks lovely! I remember seeing a tutorial somewhere on making lavender soap. I'll have to do that soon. It would make a nice Mother's Day gift. :)

  4. This entire week is going to be "love the garden" week. I am going to look for some of the little bee lavender.

  5. I love lavender too. I also love the color of your shutters.

    I would love to have been sitting on the porch in Beaufort was cold here.

  6. Lavender thrives here on Vancouver Island. Most gardeners have more than one variety and lavender products from local farms are everywhere. I love lavender, so I'm happy about that! There's a lovely lavender farm not far from here and I try to visit every year when the plants are at their most fragrant.

  7. I haven't ever planted lavender, but love the way it smells. I can't imagine what it would be like to visit a field of lavender. I've seen fields of sunflowers and that was a beautiful site. You have a thoughtful husband....plants....and....galvanized buckets! Score!

  8. First time here! Lovely blog! Congrats on your wee baby Madison! Being a grandparents is a blessing. Lavender my fav. Here in my world we wait a yr. To see our plants right now I count how many survived our harsh winter.

  9. Hello,
    I am a new follower.
    I have tried to grow lavender but it always dies out during our long cold Wisconsin winters.
    I love your photos.

  10. I've never visited a lavender farm but I can just imaging how beautiful it must be! I'll have to visit there website!
    Yes, I did make the vase, it was so easy all you need is a vase ( I used a clear glass one I had from the Dollar Tree ) rope, I bought from Walmart and a glue gun. Just wrap the rope around and glue where you want as you go. I'm not very crafty but this project is my favorite. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I love Lavender and plan to plant it in our courtyard. I am hoping it will survive the Florida heat! I didn't realize you lived in of my favorite towns.




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