Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Love the Month of June

Hello There,

Happy June!  Can you believe it is here already?  I have always loved the month of June.  How about you?  When I was a child, I always looked forward to June since that was the month when school was out!

I have three other sisters and one brother so June was the month that we would start going to our Swim Club.... 

I also would would visit the New Jersey beach along with my grandmother which I always looked forward to.

June is also my birthday and I always had family gatherings/picnics.

I also wanted to share my art from Nancy Thomas Gallery of Yorktown, Virginia.....(Perhaps I have shared it awhile ago but I have a wall gallery with all of the months of the year).  I just love it!

So do you have any plans for the month of June?


  1. June has always been a happy time for me too! School lets out in June in NJ, the weather isn't too hot yet, I got married in June and one of my sons was born in June! Happy June to you!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  2. I love June too! Happy, happy June to you!

  3. June has always been one of my favorite months too. It is light out here in Northern Wisconsin until 10pm! I love it! We do a lot of outdoor activities in the month of June.

  4. Wouldn't mind the summer so much if I could be near some water.

  5. those are definitely reasons to love june. happy early birthday, btw. this june is particularly busy with graduations, grad parties, a concert, a theatre show, and my brother's wedding. and those last 3 are all in the same week! oy.

  6. did you get my last comment? maybe you approve them. just wanted to be sure you knew i left one, lol.

  7. Your art is so pretty. Love the ladybug for June. I love June too. It's nice that my kids are out of school so I get to sleep in a little. :)




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