Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ballard Designs Love

Recently I received the catalog for Ballard Designs.  While flipping through it and drooling at mostly every page, I picked out some items that I fell in love with:

Here they are:

I love anything with pom poms!
Loving the design and simplicity of this chandelier.....
 I tried to find these pizza paddles while vacationing in Italy but had no luck.....
Love the design on the rugs....
Love this table, you could practically use it in many rooms of a house
Well I guess I will stop there, however, there were so many more items that I could show you.  You can also go online to view their items if you do not receive the catalog in the mail. 
So tell me do you also receive the Ballard Designs catalog in the mail?  Have you purchased anything from Ballard lately?
Well I better get working on my lasagna that I am preparing for dinner.  Then more packing to do.....time is going quickly for me....Thursday the movers come to load up the moving van....WOW!
Thanks for stopping by.

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