Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Visit with Madison

I went on a road trip to visit Madison.  I haven't seen her since her birth in April and wow how she grown!  I am so glad that my daughter-in-law has kept up with social media and providing me photos of her during her growing spurts!

During our visit, we went to my son's Alma mater (Edinboro University) football game.  It was a perfect day for watching football.  I was not sure what to expect with the weather since it gets very cool and cold there quickly. The temperature was actually in the high 70s so it was great.

Madison went along and donned her Edinboro apparel and did not make a peep the whole game!

We also visited Presque Isle and enjoyed sometime on the beach.

Here is Madison's brother, Owen.

I was so glad to see everyone and some good news to share is that the family will be moving to NC very soon so I will be enjoying Madison even more!

Oh and last but not least, here is a cute one of Madison's cute little bloomers with her monogram that I bought for her!  Aren't they adorable?

Enjoy your week!


  1. She is adorable and so is her brother. So glad that they are moving closer. I know how that is. My son and his family moved back to our town last year. I love it. Now if we could convince my daughter.

  2. So sweet. And what great news. :-) Happy times ahead.
    xx oo

  3. What cuties!! It's great that they are moving to NC so you can be closer to them.

  4. She is just darling, Kelly. Look how big she is getting! I bet you will be so happy to have her living closer to you. I didn't realize you had a grandson, too. I love that little quote at the end. xo Diana

  5. How fun that your grandchildren will be living close by.

  6. Oh, they are both so precious, Kelly! Lucky you that they will be moving closer!! The quote is so true! blessings ~ tanna

  7. Thank you for visiting me! I see you know Nana Diana too. Madison and Owen are adorable. Those bloomers are great. I remember buying my niece a pair when she was little. She is a lawyer practicing in Atlanta now!
    Wishing you a blessed Sunday. Mildred




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