Wednesday, September 17, 2014


If you have been reading my blog for awhile, we just recently moved from Beaufort, SC to NC and currently are renting short-term.

Well I wanted to share some photos of the kitchen so far.  I like it since we are able to fit a small table instead of eating in the dining room every meal.  The color in the kitchen is a medium toned gold/yellow.  Since the appliances are mainly black in the room, I wanted to add black accents to the room.

I also added some small amounts of french accessories - linen on stove - Eifel Tower linen from Paris.

I added my black and white striped Dash & Albert rug to the front of the kitchen sink.

Love my french subway art hanging near my bistro chairs and table, too!

So there you have it, surely but slowly adding small touches to our rental here in NC.

Thanks for your visit!

Note to myself - find ironstone pieces to add to kitchen!


  1. Personalizing a rental can be limiting and difficult, but it is so important to make it feel like home. I look forward to watching you work your magic. B

  2. Kelly,
    It is looking great. Yep when you rent I am sure it is hard to make it feel like you but so far you are doing a great job. I love your french touches in the kitchen. Very pretty.

  3. Glad you are getting nested, Kelly! Looks CUTE! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new nest take shape. Looking good! Love all your touches.

  5. What part of NC are you in? I once lived in Kinston NC.
    I love your personal touches to the kitchen.




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