Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Temporary Home

Hello There,

Just wanted to share some sneak peeks of my temporary home in Raleigh where I just recently moved.  Yes - please beware you will see boxes and very little décor at this time.

Yes we are temporarily living in a new townhome in Raleigh.

In fact, there will be very little fluffing the nest here since it is only for one year and then the fun begins with decorating once I find my HOME SWEET HOME!

As you can see in these photos, there are boxes all over the place.  I will be decorating this room in particular, however I am not taking everything out of storage!  My slipcovers need washing before I place them on again......

The home is only about five years old and has three levels so there are a lot of steps.

The kitchen is big enough for a small kitchen table so I will be using my red bistro table along with the two chairs once all is done.

The dining room is a nice size room however I am not in love with the paint color, but can live with it for a year.  I would rather not paint anything in the rental.

A bedroom on upper level.  Each bedroom has a bathroom.

Another bedroom - purplish paint which I would love to change but I am not!

This is a master bath which I will be using on the lower level.....My husband is putting together our iron bed.

We also have a Jacuzzi in one of the master bedrooms on upper level.

I did not take photos of each bathroom since lighting was not that wonderful.  We also have a deck off of living room and off of bedroom lower level.

Our garage is filled with boxes that I am not planning to open either!

I hope you will come back to see some small décor changes that I have made to some of the rooms soon!  Now I have to get busy in opening up boxes and doing some light decorating.

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Oh I love the color of the dining room. You'll make it cozy and home for as long as you are there. Your pretties will be comfy there!

  2. Hello Kelly,
    Congratulations on your move. This looks like a perfect house for you and you are wise to live with the colours as is. It looks clean and spacious.
    Wishing you joy and happiness

  3. Best wishes in your new "home". I know you'll make it feel like "home" if only for a year.

  4. I know it's just a rental but looks lovely just the same. I always liked townhouses. Love North Carolina. It's so beautiful there and I lived in Northern Va. Before I moved to Florida. When we were younger my husband was at Stationed in N.C. And my aunt lived nr Charlotte. Love the Ashbille area too. Besides being near family you are blessed by all the lovely scenery there. Lucky fir you it's almost Fall too! Good luck with your unpacking and all those boxes.

  5. Kelly,
    The townhouse looks so nice. I hope with your "light" changes you will make it feel like home for you.

  6. Wow! A three level townhouse-you are right, a lot of stairs! I agree with the paint...not worth dealing with for only a year. It will go by so fast! I remember when a year seemed like forever. Now it goes way too fast. I love decorating and making a house your own but you will be busy with your family. Can't wait to see what you do and the excitement of finding your dream home!




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