Monday, September 15, 2014

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

I am slowly unpacking boxes from my recent move from Beaufort, SC to NC.  Now working in the master bedroom, I found 2-3 huge boxes of shoes, yes shoes!

How many pair of shoes can a girl have?  Really?  I guess no one realizes how much personal belongings they have until they unpack them! 

When packing them, I had them stored in their original boxes.  How do you store your shoes?
I am also so glad that I did not sell any of my fall/winter shoes back in SC as I rarely wore them and lived in flip flops or summer type shoes!

Here are some of my all time favorites.

Cole Hahn - Mules - worn in just perfectly

Turquoise - Daisy Sandals - Talbott's

Hand beaded sandals from Tahiti

Bought these at Anthropologie!

Pikolino's - one of my favorites!  So comfy!

Oh I almost forgot my Ferragamo driving moccasins!

Well I better get working on unpacking some of them at least to wear while here in NC!

So tell me, are you a shoeaholic?


  1. I am definitely a shoeaholic. I love seeing that you don't shy away from color when it comes to your shoes! (I don't either)

  2. I love those blue and white mules. They look like Blue Willow for feet. :) Found you through Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson. ~ Nancy




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