Friday, October 10, 2014

Farmers Market Flowers and Velvet Pumpkins

Hello There,

Hope you are having a wonderful week.  Yesterday I visited our local Farmer's Market for some vegetables and fruits and came home with a beautiful bouquet of hand picked flowers.  Oh how I love to have fresh flowers in my home.


Also during the week, I visited TJ Maxx and never can come home empty handed for that store.  Well I found these beautiful, velvet pumpkins for 6.99 each, yes!  Can you believe it?  But the bad thing was that there were only two left on the shelf so they both went into my shopping cart!  They only had green and brown to choose from but I was fine with that!

Once I got to play with placing them on my coffee table, I thought I would get  a little more Fall touches out in the living room.  So down in our garage, I did keep some decorating bins (everything else i stored at another offsite location).

I found my handled basket and filled it with my assorted gourds, mini pumpkins, acorns and pine cones.

Added a mini pumpkin along with my antlers to a small table in the room......

I found these three books recently at a used book store for $3.99 each, SCORE!

Pillow added pops of gold, tan, green and orange to the room!

Have you added any fall touches to your home?

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Hi Kelly, gentle fall additions that settled right in.

  2. oh now that's adorable especially with that picture of the really cute dogs! where did you find that at? i really like what you've done here! i have one of the velvet pumpkins in orange and i paid a lot more than 6.99, so you really lucked out. plus it's fun to find all the other colors. you were lucky to find them! i go to tjmaxx all the time and i've been finding some really cute things too. i love that store, i will have to post some of my great finds too! have a great Sunday :)

  3. Your pumpkins are really pretty and you have combined everything to look so festive for autumn.




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