Thursday, October 23, 2014

Madison is 6 Months Old Today

Wow, does time fly by!  I can't believe Madison is six months old today.  She is a pleasure to be with.  She is now cooing, drooling (yes her teeth are coming in), and rolling over.

She loves the camera too, (what a HAM)!

She loves wearing headbands, I bought this adorable one from Gymboree!
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

She is even sitting up on her own now!

I am so glad that Madison lives here to capture these precious moments!


  1. I want one of those!

    Our son just got engaged, but I don't dare ask about baby plans. My daughter said that the fiancee said she plans to wait a few years.

  2. What a darling baby! I can't believe she'll wear headbands...her mama must have started her early on those. She looks adorable.

  3. Kelly- She is just DARLING. She is so very cute!!!! Can you believe she is 6 months old already? She and our little Bright Eyes are almost the same age! Blessings for your sweet little girl. xo Diana

  4. Hello Kelly

    Madison is adorable. How can you manage to get any work done with her in sight. She is so huggable
    She is also very beautiful and may she always be blessed.

    Helen xx

  5. Madison is beautiful and 6 months already! I love her pretty headbands.

  6. Madison is absolutely adorable, Kelly!! PRECIOUS! Lucky you! blessings ~ tanna

  7. She is beautiful! What a blessed momma you are.

  8. Madison is a beautiful girl. That coral color is gorgeous with her hair/skin.




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