Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ghosts, Graveyards, Witches, Pumpkins - Oh My!

On Friday night, our neighborhood held their trick or treat night!  It was so much fun and so many of the homes were all decked out for the occasion!

I live in a large neighborhood with gorgeous homes and there are many of them so this is a perfect place to trick or treat as a kid if you want tons of candy, right?

Here are some photos that I took during our walk through the neighborhood.  I wish I would have taken more........

It was a fun night filled with family fun, scary music, costumes and complimentary hot chocolate with whipped cream!

While walking with Owen and Baby Madison, I felt like a kid again!  It brought back great memories of me when I trick or treated in my neighborhood with my siblings!

Well, did you have a great time on Halloween too?


  1. How fun that the neighborhood decorates for Halloween. We get very few trick or treaters on our lane because many of the houses are weekend homes. The trouble is that we had lots of Snickers left the next day!

  2. How wonderful, Kelly! I love all the decorations in your area. We don't get any trick or treaters where we are-we are just out of town. I usually go with all the grandkids but they were out of town for a dance competition. At least my little grandson came over in his dragon costume. SOOOO cute! xo Diana

  3. How fun, thank you for sharing. Great photos!
    We had a wonderful night too.




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