Thursday, November 20, 2014

Historic Marshallton Inn - Chester County, PA

On my recent visit to Pennsylvania, I took some photos of Marshallton Inn/Four Dogs Tavern. The inn/tavern is located in West Bradford, Chester County, PA.  My brother is chef and co-owner of the Inn and Tavern.

Marshallton, a small village is largely known for its historic building, restaurants and the nearby Highland Orchards, a pick your-own orchard offering a variety of produce year round.

Here are some photos of the tavern and the Inn.  This is the front entrance of the Inn.  The original section was built about 1790 and has had many additions to its original structure.  It was originally built as a residence but was converted to a tavern/restaurant in early 1800s.

Front Entrance - Marshallton Inn

There is also the Four Dogs Tavern located right next door to the historic Inn.  The tavern was originally the stables to the Marshallton Inn.

I love eating at the tavern in the summer time!  It is also dog friendly restaurant, so many patrons bring along their dogs for outside seating.  They are provided with a dog bowl of water in the hot months!  There is also live music on the weekends!

In the fall, there is a fireplace that they light in the evenings!

The scenery is also breathtaking on the patio of the tavern.  As you can see in the background, the foliage is turning it's autumn colors and there is farmland in the backdrop where there are fields of haystacks.  Such a pretty scene!

Here is more info on the tavern/Inn.  See here.

I also found some photos of other buildings in the village.
via Flickr

Marshallton, PA: Bradford Friends Meetinghouse
via Flickr

They usually have some of the historic homes open in the village during the holiday season.  My brother and family live in the village so it is a easy commute to his work.

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Love those historic taverns. When we lived near Philadelphia there were many that we loved to go to - such great atmosphere, especially around the holidays!

  2. Kelly, What a charming Inn! This is exactly the kind of place we love to stay in. I am so glad you got the canvas and I hope you enjoy it.

  3. The tavern is gorgeous.

  4. Looks very inviting. I like how it is pet friendly.
    Did you see any dogs while you visited?




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