Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once a Theater, Now a Hotel

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Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and some great time with family and friends.  

I wanted to share a hotel that I stayed at while I visited Pennsylvania in November.  Before it became Hotel Warner, it was the Warner Theater also known as High Street Theater.  The theater was built back in the early 1930's.  It had a two story foyer with a three story tower that formerly supported the marquee.  

I remember as a child going to the theater with my grandmother to see some of my favorite movies. However in 1986, the theater was demolished and renovated to the Hotel Warner.

While surfing the Internet, I found some photos of the theater.  This one I found on the Chester County Historical Society site.

via Chester County Historical Society

The photo below is inside the auditorium....

Now here is what it is today - HOTEL WARNER


This photo was in the hotel lobby......

The hotel is located right in the historic town of West Chester, PA.  The location is perfect as you can walk to many shops.  It was a great location for me as one of my favorite clothing shops, Jane Chalfant was right across from the hotel.  There are also some great restaurants that are within walking distance from the hotel.  

Other points of interest nearby are:  Chester County Historical Society, American Helicopter Museum and QVC tour.

So if you are ever visiting West Chester, Hotel Warner would be a perfect lodging choice!

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  1. Sounds like a fun Hotel. I love staying in Historical places.




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