Wednesday, November 5, 2014

These Boots Are Made For Walking.......

It was such a beautiful fall day here in North Carolina and it was also a great day to take some photos outdoors.  I thought it was also a great idea to get some outdoor shots of me donning one of my favorite pair of boots - my Justin Boots.  I bought these awhile ago in Arizona.

I love the style and how they are so worn in.  They are also great to wear with jeans!

"These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do one of these days 
these boots are gonna walk all over you."


Justin Boots - Wickenburg, Arizona
Tunic - Sweetgrass Ladies Apparel - Beaufort, SC
Leggings - Her Favorite Store, Beaufort, SC


  1. Ah..yes...Nancy Sinatra would LOVE those boots...and so do I! xo Diana

  2. What a fun post. :-))
    I love the boots.
    And the song is now stuck in my head. :-))

  3. I remember this song! Your boots are fantastic!

  4. Love those boots.

    I have a pair of black and red cowboy boots I bought when I was going to Dallas for a conference. I think I need to get them out and wear them, but I have been in flip flops for months.




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