Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Simple Holiday Centerpiece

Wow, it is cold here in NC!  Thought it would be a good day to make a simple, holiday centerpiece for my table.

So here is what I used for the centerpiece.  I used Cedar clippings (from the tree behind my home, hee!  hee!) and placed them in the center of the table and placed some three white pillar candles among the clippings.  While at Trader Joe's (one of my favorite stores), I picked up a bag of mandarin oranges and placed them around the centerpiece.

So there you go, a simple yet pretty centerpiece for the table!

I guess I better get moving and go pick out our tree next!  Hope you are enjoying your day!


  1. That is so simple yet so pretty, Kelly. I bet it smells fantastic, too. I am doing a much simpler Christmas this year because I have been so far behind from being down for a couple of weeks. I plan to start decorating tomorrow. xo Diana

  2. Love this! It's simple yet very elegant.

  3. That is such a pretty centerpiece! I love that it's simple.

  4. Very pretty with a simple edge. love that the cedar came from your yard.

  5. Very colorful and simple. Love those tangerines!

  6. Very fun and simple. I love it.
    I bet is smells lovely. ♥

  7. Simple but oh so pretty for sure. Love this.

  8. Love it! Three of my favorite things to decorate with for Christmas..fresh greenery, fresh fruit and candles. Merry Christmas!




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