Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tara's Annual Cookie Exchange Photos & Chalkboard Crafts

Hi There,

Have you ever hosted a holiday cookie exchange?  My sister, Tara has hosted them for over five years now in her home.  I loved going to them and finding a great recipe to share when I lived back in PA.  Her home was always so inviting and it always got me in the holiday spirit too! I also loved it when I came home from the party with so many assortment of cookies.....

At the exchange, there are actual "cookie judges" that judge the cookies.  Yes - the party is so much fun.  My sister has different categories that a cookie can be placed in.  There are winners in each category -- prettiest, most creative, best tasting, and so on....

The winners of the categories go home with a homemade gift too!

Here are some photos that I wanted to share from the cookie exhange.

Upon entering her side entrance of her home, she made this below - it is a dress form of a chef (Baked with Love) with apron made with fresh greens and holly.  I just love it!  Do you see the spatula handing from the red ribbon?

She also set up a vintage table with an red and white runner and made a chalkboard welcome sign for her guests.  Can you see the rolling pin too?

Here is a wreath adorned with cookies in her kitchen over the sink.

A chalkboard tray for holding all of the homemade cookies.....

I also wanted to share some of the cute chalkboard crafts that she has added to her holiday decor in her home, too!

Homemade chalkboard name tags she made for her dining room table.....

A simple evergreen swag with a chalkboard "snowflake" frame.....

Table vignette with cardboard homes and vintage bottle brush trees......

Tis the Season chalkboard and frame.....

Tara's  tree even had homemade chalkboard frames tucked in the boughs.....

I hope you enjoyed some holiday peeks from my sister's home.....

Thanks for your visit!


  1. Beautiful home and decorations! I've only been to one cookie exchange, but it was lots of fun. No judges though - that would take it to another level :-)

  2. Your sister's home is lovely.

    My friend who hosts the annual cookie exchange had to pass on it this year. But, she did promise that we would get together to bake Spritz cookies which are my favorite.

  3. What fun. Tara's home is lovely and full of cute ideas for the Season. We used to do a cookie exchange, too, and it was always a lot of fun...then my daughter started doing a white elephant gift exchange and that has been a blast, too. xoDiana

  4. Oh wow! Tara's house is so cute! I love her decorating especially all the chalkboards.

    Thank you for your sweet comment about Jaybird's house. :)

    Merry Christmas!




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