Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Design Trends Article

Happy 2015 My Friends!

Just found this article on Yahoo and wanted to share with you.  See here.

So what are your thoughts on this article?  I am not a trend follower but thought this was an interesting article.

I hope you are enjoying your 2015 so far!  I sure am!


  1. Hmmm...since I have been looking for bedding I will say that the smocked bedding is not for me. Too puffy...reminds me of those really puffy coats that were popular a few years ago.

    I still like the signs that have sentiments on them but not if they seem to be mass produced. Does that make sense? If it's personal then I like it.

    Chalkboard walls...I still love the look but we tried it long ago before it got super popular and it was dusty so it went away pretty quickly.

    No matter what we all have to do what makes us happy. Right? :)

  2. I thought the most interesting thing about this article were the comments. Wow. People were really nasty about this article. I think it seemed a bit harsh did you think so Kelly?...focusing on items that a lot of people seem to like. Personally I think people should create a home that they love and not worry about what's popular. thanks for sharing.

  3. I think too many people get caught up in decorating with what's in style instead of what they personally love. I follow William Morris's idea - I have what I love, what I find useful and also things that are meaningful to us.

  4. I've always loved this saying and I do think of it when I am decorating...I don't want my home to look like a store...

  5. Hi Kelly, I saw that trend article on fb. I thought it was interesting, but I don't worry to much about what's in, but more of what I like. lol! William Morris said it best!




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