Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking Back at 2014 and Most Viewed Post


Happy New Year!  I hope you had a lovely holiday and time for relaxation.  

Although I did not have many projects during the year due to staging my home for sale, it still was an exciting year for me.  In April, I was welcomed with a granddaughter Madison.  It just filled my heart with joy!  She is now 8 months old and such a joy to be with!

The pic below is grainy, sorry was taken with my Ipad!

Doesn't she look gorgeous with her new fur vest that I bought for her at Christmas?

If you visit my blog on a regular basis, I sold my coastal cottage in Beaufort, SC and moved to Raleigh at the end of August.  Although I do miss the coastal life, I am so glad to be here in Raleigh and able to see my son and family on a regular basis.  I am in a yearly rental and will not be sharing any decor projects at this time....However I still will share posts on the Raleigh area, restaurants, points of interest, vacations, recipes and so on.

And of course for 2014, the most reviewed post was a post on the sale of my home and final tour.
See here.

In early, spring 2015, my home hunting will begin for our permanent home, oh how exciting!  Can't you tell I am ready?  Yes - I will have lots of things to share with my readers on my little blog again!

Wishing you health and prosperity in 2015!

P.S.  Oh by the way, I am working on a BIG trip overseas coming soon!  MORE TO FOLLOW........


  1. Your little Madison is precious! I love this age...they are so fun and full of smiles.

    You made some big changes in 2014 and I'm so glad you are near your family once again. I can't believe I just missed you when we visited Raleigh in May. That would have been fun.

    Take care and cheers to 2015!

    Jane x

  2. That vest is adorable...and the baby girl wearing it! Happy 2015 :-)

  3. Madison is TOO CUTE!! So precious in her little fur jacket! =) Look forward to your adventures in the coming year! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Madison is just too adorable. Love the little vest you got her too. So sweet. Love seeing all your posts on the Raleigh area. That is one area I would love to visit. Wishing you safe travels on your overseas adventure and how fun to start to house hunt in the Spring. I know you will find the perfect home. It will be fun to come along on all your adventures. Happy New Year.

  5. I wish you luck in finding just the right house for you.

    And, I am so jealous of your little grandbaby. I tell myself it will happen one day.

  6. Yes, Madison is adorable! I can understand why you would move closer. :)

    You have so much to look forward to. Can't wait to see where you go.

  7. Your little grand is so sweet. I love her little vest!! What a cute pie. Congrats on getting settled in Raleigh and best wishes on your new home search in the spring.
    I have a best friend who lives in Cary not far from you. It is a wonderful area.
    Looking forward to your posts.
    Happy New Year!!

  8. A BIG trip!! I am so excited. :-)

    Madison is a sweetheart. xx oo

    I am looking forward to all your adventures in 2015!




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