Friday, February 20, 2015

The Color Red

I love the color red!  How about you?

I love having red in my wardrobe......

via J Crew


I love using red in the home also......

via Pottery Barn

via Williams Sonoma

via Pier One Imports

Perhaps a Red Vespa?

Some red lipstick for sure!!!

So tell me what is your favorite color?

Stay warm if you live on the East Coast.......


  1. Oh I do love red! My kitchen has been done in red since I was first married, over two decades ago. It's my second favorite is number 1 for me.

  2. Another red lover here Kelly! Your inspiration pictures are fabulous! I love polka dots and those red cabinets are gorgeous. Been thinking of doing that in my laundry room. Isn't that red cottage sweet? I could move in today. lol!

  3. I love pops of red! In the winter I have a heavy red stole that I wear over my black coat and I always get compliments on it. I don't use it in my home though-other than a pop here and there once in a while. It is hubby's least favorite color. xo Diana

  4. Hello,
    Blue is my very favorite color. I do enjoy to add red with a scarf, lipstick, shoes or jewelery. I have been dreaming of a red kitchen :-))

  5. I love red, so this right down my alley. I hope my blogger tips help you along. happy Sunday.

  6. Raising my hand as another lover of red here, too! It could be why Christmas and Valentine's Day are favorite holidays, too.

  7. I am absolutely with you on all of the above. Red makes feel happy and energized. In my house, I've learned to use it more as an accessory on pillows, plates, and in art. I still have a red couch and my kitchen chairs are red too. :)




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