Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three Day Weekend - Good Things

Hello There,

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!  This was our first weekend back from our Europe vacation so it was quite busy.  If you didn't see my post on Berlin/Prague yet, see here.

Our weekend started with a concert to see Dave Matthews Band.  It was held at Walnut Creek Ampitheater in Raleigh, what a beautiful venue and we had perfect weather too!  It was the first time seeing him in concert and it was great!!!!

We also went to a Balloon Fest nearby.


My husband tried some craft beer at here.  Ever since we came back from Berlin and Prague, we crave wood fired pizza.  Yes - the pizza in Prague was sooooo good.  (Almost better than our pizza in Tuscany on our last vacation!)  I found great reviews on a restaurant in Chapel Hill, Brixx, so we thought we would give it a try.  I ordered the Wild Mushroom Flatbread Wrap with Quinoa Salad and my husband ordered a wood roasted tomato pizza.  Nothing is better than a Wood Fired Pizza!

While grocery shopping, I picked up some fresh blueberries and made a blueberry flan over the weekend too.

I even made Lola sport a flag for Memorial Day in honor of our country's armed forces.

Did you do anything special for your three day weekend?

Now back to catching up on laundry from my vacation.

Have a lovely week.


  1. That blueberry flan looks wonderful! You should share the recipe because I have no clue how to do that. Is it like a pie?

    Such a great picture of you!

  2. I'm inspired by your energy. I'm just back from vacation myself and l lazed about the house all weekend :-)

  3. Oh---wood fired pizza. I have only ever had it once and it was WONDERFUL!!!! Love flan and yours looks delicious. We had a SUPER busy weekend with a house FULL of kids and grandkids! xo Diana




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