Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spur of the Moment....

I packed up over the weekend and headed back to West Chester.  I only told my mom that I was coming so I could surprise other family members.  We ended up going to my brother's birthday Pig Roast held on his property in Chester County.  It was such a beautiful night to have the party outside held at the "Ruins" - an old stone structure on their property.

Long tables were arranged with tapers and fresh rose petals scattered on tabletops......

See this old piano below?

The piano was used for wines, glasses and appetizers/crudites.  Love the idea!

The roasted pig was delicious!

The above galvanized tub inside old metal bed was for iced cold beverages.

Once it became dark, we roasted marshmallows over the firepit.  The grounds looked so beautiful as they were lit with Edison String Lights. (I didn't get pics of that)

It was also nice to get a photo of my two sisters together with me.
Fun was had by all......


  1. First let me say that you and your sisters are gorgeous!

    The party looks like fun. What a neat location.

  2. A wooden piano, a galvanized tub, what a fun party.

  3. What a special time and that piano is incredible used that way. Great pic of you and your sisters. Looks like an amazing party.
    Hugs, CM

  4. Hi,
    I just love all of it. You did great sharing all the special features with us. Thank you.
    And you and your sisters are so pretty! I love your smiles.

  5. What a fabulous party but my favorite photo was of you and your sisters!
    I loved the piano- and the name of the location- the ruins.

    How cool!

  6. I love the sweet "sis" photo.

    Now I know why your IG pic was in Pennsylvania.




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