Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Time is Ice Cream Time

Hello There,

How is your week going so far?  I can't believe it is the last week of July already, summer is sure flying by!

During the summer months, I always make a homemade ice cream.  Hot summer weather  reminds me of my childhood when my local ice cream truck would ring his bell in my neighborhood to sell his ice cream.  My sisters and brother would run excitedly to the truck, we actually called him by his name, Henry, since he was our regular ice cream person!

I made some awesome homemade banana ice cream over the weekend and it was perfect for the hot weather here in NC.  The recipe is quite easy and was made in my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.  I love it!  Recipe can be found here.

Just love these adorable ice cream cups that I found at HomeGoods......


So what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?  I love banana, mint chocolate and pralines and cream!


  1. Ooh...looks delicious! I have one of those makers, too...thanks for sharing!

  2. One of my friends has the Cuisinart ice cream maker and her creations are awesome. I must think about getting one.

  3. This looks and sounds amazingly delicious and refreshing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. We make ice cream more often than we should. :)

    My husband and I love peach and vanilla. We've never done banana and I think that's a fabulous idea. Have to tell him about that one.

  5. this sounds amazing! thanks for sharing.

  6. I love homemade ice cream, too! The little cups you found at HomeGoods are so cute! :) ~Rhonda

  7. For years I have wanted to buy an ice cream maker. I really need to do it! I'm kind of a plain vanilla ice cream girl, but I do enjoy mint chocolate chip & something we have around here called cannoli crunch from time to time. Mmmm....

  8. Hi,
    I love to make homemade ice cream too.
    Peach is one of my favorites.

  9. Looks great indeed. Thanks for sharing. Greetings!

  10. Homemade ice cream! I haven't had that in so long. These are cute cups, and Home Goods is one of my favorite stores. I'd have to say that my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip or pistachio. Yummy. I liked the story of all of you running to the ice cream truck during the hot summer months.

    Enjoy the last days of July.


  11. Those little cups are adorable and so old fashioned! Love!




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