Monday, August 17, 2015

I Love Garnet Hill

Hello There,

Recently I received my Garnet Hill catalog in the mail and immediately I was swooning over so many things.  I recently ordered a beautiful quilt and shams but have not used them yet.  Hope to share them soon with you!

Here is what I am loving in their catalog:

For Me:

I love having some flats in my wardrobe.  They can be used with jeans or a casual dress.

I love these too!

The collar and the cuffs on sleeves, so adorable!

I love wearing capes and have several but I really am loving this one, too!

Love the simple style of this dress!

You can never go wrong to add a simple black dress to your wardrobe too!

For the Home:

You never can have enough of sheets!  Aren't these so pretty?  Loving the design, too!

I love these quilts too especially the gray and light blue ones!

Have you bought any new fall items to add to your wardrobe or home decor yet?

**All images - Garnet Hill


  1. I'm so glad you've had a good experience with them! We've been trying to get a Lilly P. Spread from them since June, and it keeps "getting lost in the mail." It has been reordered twice. Disappointing!

  2. What beautiful pieces! I would love those shoes but I am always afraid of buying them without trying them on with my weird feet. Let us know if you buy them and if they are comfortable! I guess I could always return them if I had to though...

  3. The black dress is lovely. So simple and elegant. And the cape......we used to call them ponchos, and my mom knitted me one when I was about 8. I haven't bought any Fall décor or clothes yet, but it is my very favorite season. It looks like you're starting to browse. :~)


  4. I have ordered a few things from Garnet Hill and have liked them. I'm always tempted by the shoes and they have some really cute sweaters each season. I'm trying to retrain myself to stop ordering things online so much. It's kind of a weakness of mine. When I was at my friend's in New York last week I bought several new pieces of fall clothing. Loft sales are hard to beat!

  5. Wow. I would wear all of those clothes and shoes. The linens are beautiful too. I bought a blouse last year with a Peter pan collar like that. I loved it as soon as I saw Love your style!.




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