Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A New Blog Name

Hello Friends:

Just a quick note letting you know that my new blog name has been changed to Sunflowers with Smiles.  Since I no longer live on the coast of SC, I thought it was appropriate to change my name from Coastal Cottage Dreams (old blog name) to my new current name.  All of my followers who have followed me through Coastal Cottage Dreams (when I was living in the Low Country) will be redirected to this new site of Sunflowers with Smiles.

For my new followers, I have just recently bought a new home in North Carolina and hope you will follow me on my new journey.  I hope you will check back periodically and see my changes and projects that I will be doing in the near future on my home.

Since sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, here is a photo taking back in Pennsylvania that my brother-in-law sent to me!  Aren't they just gorgeous?  I arrived in PA just a little too late to take them.  Thanks Alex!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what the sunflowers do.”

Helen Keller


  1. I was curious, but I never thought to ask why you changed the name.

    You look like you have your hands full with the dining room!

  2. Great name for an awesome blog! Love the quote! :) ~Rhonda

  3. I love your new name. It is what caught my eye when I first visited and followed your blog. Sunflowers are so pretty.......and I really like the Helen Keller quote. She was an amazing woman.

    Have a day filled with smiles. : )


  4. Greetings in your new home and best wishes!




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