Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Vintage Finds

Well it's still raining here in the Raleigh area so it was a good day to go thrifting!  I have been on the lookout for some old chippy windows that I want to hang over my iron bed.  Guess what?   I did find them today and only paid $20.  Now that is a SCORE for me!

While in the shop, I came across a set of skeleton keys, too.  I hung them on my window pane mirror that I just recently added to the dining room.  This mirror was in my living room from my home in SC.  I think I will keep the blue for now since it makes the room pop and I have blue in my striped PB rug.

Another recent find was these blue glass insulators that I added to my "blue" bottle collection on my demilune table.

Here are some more shots of my dining room with the recent window mirror added to the wall!  I think I need to find some sconces to place next to it!

I especially love the chandy reflection in the mirror!

Well that's it for now my friends!  I am sure I will be hunting for more treasures for the home!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Kelly, I think rainy days are meant for junking....unless you find a big treasure and have to load it. LOL. I love the window mirror .Also that was a good buy on the windows. I also bought a bunch of paned wIndows and we plan to one day made a potting shed from all of them. I would one day love to make a cottage of nothing but junk items. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Perfect! You have done so well. :-) I love the keys, a great touch.

  3. After seeing your new windows on Instagram, I am thinking that maybe I need to hang mine above our guest room bed as a headboard.

  4. What great finds, especially those keys. Thanks for sharing and good luck with finding the perfect sconces!

  5. Your window is painted a very pretty blue and it goes well with your dining room wall paint.

    I just moved West from the Richmond, VA area - I am missing VA a lot. I think bittersweet is the most beautiful fall stem of all.

    Thanks for sharing your comment at Down to Earth Style! I look forward to seeing your new/old windows above your bed. :)

  6. That blue window mirror in your dining room is so cool. And the keys hanging from it add a special touch. Isn't it nice when we find the perfect item for our home?





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