Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Surprise in the Mail

Hello There,

I have been bad at blogging I know!  This post has been in draft mode since June!!  So here it is FINALLY!!!

I wanted to share with you a surprise gift that I received in the mail.  Even though I have not blogged on a consistent basis, most of my friends on my blog knew that I lived in Beaufort, SC.  Since then, I moved to NC.  However, while living in the Low Country, I fell in love with my coastal cottage and enjoyed decorating it with many coastal items and even painted my porch a coastal blue which I still miss at times and will always cherish.

Well -- a package came in the mail -- my husband surprised me with a oil painting of our cottage in Beaufort that we owned.

I was very pleased on how it turned out -- the artist did a fantastic job -- my husband supplied him with one of my photos that I took awhile ago.  This art will be cherished and I am glad to add it to my home decor.  The artist is located in West Chester, PA where I was born and raised.  I have always loved his art, he is well known for his paintings of Chester County homes and landscapes.  One of my favorites that I still want to add to my art collection is the Lincoln Tea Room print.  Here is the link to his site here.

So now I want to share some progression photos from the artist that he supplied to us along with the original.  My husband chose not to see the progression until the final was mailed.

Here is the final piece now happily hung in my home .  I have to say we were QUITE PLEASED!!!

The last photo is where is it hanging now as I have rearranged by living room!  I really like it sooooo much!

Now one more close up -- I know I can't help it!

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  I can't believe Fall is right around the corner!



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